Courses & Grades Available 

What We Offer:

Practical & Theory (Grades 1 – 8) – Highland Piping, Drumming, Drum Majoring & Highland Dance

Piping – Grades 1-8

Practical Piping

Grade 1

Notes on Practice Chanter

Gracenotes on High G and High A

Set Pieces

Aural tests and sight reading

Note values, Treble Clef

Grade 2


G, D, & E gracenotes

The Tachum or Scotch Snap

Doublings on High A & High G

Doublings, Half Doublings & High A Doublings on E, F, C, B & Low A.

Doublings on C & B followed by an E gracenote

Set Pieces

Aural Test and sight reading

Note values, Treble Clef

Grade 3

Throw and all Doublings and Strikes on D

The Birl


Throws to B and C

Set Pieces

Aural test and sight reading

Note values, Treble and Bass Clefs

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8


Theory of Music

Grade 1

The Treble Clef

Notes on Practice Chanter

Note Values

Beats and Bars

Musical Sounds

Embellishments, single gracenotes

Grade 2

Note Values


Lengthening of notes

Simple & Compound Time

Double Barlines and Incomplete Bars

Embellishments: Doublings, Drags, Flams, Paradiddles

Grade 3

Staffs and Clefs

Note stems

Semitone and accidentals

Octaves and Scales

Range of Pipes and Drums

Brace and Full Band Scores

Characteristics of Sound, Intonation, Frequency, Vibration

Embellishments, Grips and Four Stroke Rough

Tuning of the pipe and drum

Maintenance of Instruments